We are a global mining leader and integrated multi-disciplinary innovation and discovery hub. Here at the Lassonde Institute, we are home to trailblazing experts and researchers solving complex industry challenges. 


We champion the mining industry through research-powered solutions to strengthen our shared communities and planet


Lassonde Institute Research & Innovation Areas

University of Toronto’s Lassonde Institute is a mining industry champion delivering research powered solutions with a commitment to strengthen our shared communities and planet. As an integrated, multi-disciplinary innovation and discovery hub, we are home to world-leading experts solving global challenges. Our interdisciplinary researchers and teams collaborate with industry across several major Lassonde Research and Innovation Areas.



The Community Catalyst Strategic Advantage

In a complex and uncertain world, our transformative research, insights and industry innovations must come from a diverse interconnected community of experts. Regardless of discipline, background or industry, the Lassonde Institute brings together the brightest minds to create the best mines. 

Collaborating with Industry & Communities

Collaborating with our industry partners and members — together we create innovations for the mining industry

Experts Across the Entire Mining Cycle

Actively promoting a cross-disciplinary culture that emboldens innovative mining research collaborations and partnerships

Global Leadership for Sustainability

Our work delivers sustainable solutions strengthening the future of our communities and planet and the industry

Undergraduate and Graduate Mining Studies at University of Toronto

University of Toronto offers undergraduate and graduate students world-class mining opportunities supported by the Lassonde Institute

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A Generous Contribution Establishing the Lassonde Institute of Mining

Over the past 20 years, Pierre Lassonde has pledged more than $10 million in philanthropic support to Mining at the University of Toronto. His extraordinary donation allowed for the establishment of the Lassonde Institute of Mining in 2000. In addition, the Lassonde family's support for endowed chairs and infrastructure capital ensures the long-term success of the Institute and enhances its role as in innovative research and training.

Pierre Lassonde initially gave $4 million in 1996 to the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto, to establish the Lassonde Mineral Engineering undergraduate program as well as endowed professorial chairs, the Claudette Mackay-Lassonde chair in Mineral Engineering and the Lassonde Chair in Mining Engineering. In 2010, Pierre Lassonde pledged an additional $3.5 million investment to renovate UofT Mining facilities.

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